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So there are Tekkit (main tekkit) plugins and Bukkit plugins?


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I am COMPLETELY mind blown, I don't even know what to do..I am so confused right now. I will try to explain everything as clearly as I can at the moment.

So I am using a couple of plugins, one of them is essentials. I went over to their live chat and asked why the plugin doesn't work. I have posted my log from my server and they told me that I am apparantly running the vanilla server..which, as far as I am concerned, they are talking about the minecraft?

So that is my first question why are they telling me I am using the vanilla server when everything is set up on the Tekkit server?

Then, someone posted a link to craftbukkit. Now, as far as I'm concerned, Bukkit is different to Tekkit right? I want to use Tekkit not Bukkit.

Moreover, to add to my confusion I asked if the plugin worked on Tekkit and they said "Yes, it does".

Either I don't understand something or those people literally don't know what they are talking about with all do respect.

Why would I want to download Bukkit when it works on Tekkit...now, I went off the chat with more questions than I entered with.

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