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IDEAS for space stations and moon base's. Topic: Oxygen


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I just had this little idea to have us all share some of our ideas, tips, tricks, etc for oxygen-related problems now that 1.1.8 features working oxygen sealers.

Post things like how you'd set up your leaves and sealers, how you manage to loop piping throughout your base while still giving it that "clean" look. (No/very few pipes)

As for me: I find myself putting my leaf-collection underneath my base, sometimes looping the oxygen right up to the sealers and others just snaking along the bottom side before popping in.

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This is how i have my moon base set up. I have a huge glass dome design made out of Reinforced glass to protect it from falling meteors. i have the huge dome built with a little village smack in the middle and planted trees all around inside the dome. i have oxygen collectors scattered all around the dome with oxygen dispensers giving out oxygen. i also have air locks on all 4 sides of the dome for in and out access. i have made a little rocket base attached to the dome so i can take off and land with the rocket. under the dome i have magmatic engines pumping power to all my oxygen collectors and dispensers. i feed the magmatic with lava fabricators hooked up to a battery box with unlimited battery so i have unlimited lava which makes unlimited supplies of lava from my engines making it self sufficient. the huge glass dome is 45 in diameter btw. thats my moon setup

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