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Stuck with my back against the wall, I need help!

Erik Mancha

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My tekkit server Sombrero Craft has been running since late May and has gained over 2500 registered users since then. The server has always had a few run-ins with lag, but I feel like this time there is nothing I can do. In the past I ended up disabling Mystcraft, and Dimensional Doors which in turn reduced all of the lag on the server.

In the past two weeks I got complaints of "block lag" and I tried my best to remove whatever I thought was causing it. I ended up removing plugins like MobArena and a few others, but still the complaints continued.. I recently updated my server to build 1.7.1 (1.5.2) but the issue still remains. I feel like my best choice now is to completely restart the world, which is the last thing I want to do. A lot of players have really progressed on the server and I would hate to remove all their hard work.

My feeling is that the lag is caused by the mods on the server. I am really stuck at a dead end with no idea of what to do. Are there any tools/commands to measure the speed of certain mods like there was in 1.2.5? Please help, I am willing to offer a reward.. :/

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the lava part you can always use lava fabricators! they provide you with tons of lava!

They require a blaze rod and 2 magma cream to craft.

Obviously if people didn't have access to the nether they would look at other power generation options. It was just an example of what some people use the nether for.

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Plowmanplow posted a possible solution for the lava lag problem (http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/diagnose-lag-source.50703/#post-418903). On my server I noticed a considerable performance increase when I made this change.

One way to combat the "flowing lava lag" problem would be to change this setting:

persistantLava=true (change the true to false)

in the CodeChickenCore.cfg file. This makes lava decay similar to water when it loses contact with a source block.

Another thing that increased the performance alot is to use MCPC+ but I guess you are allready using it.

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Check memory usage, cpu usage during busy times and if its high see if you can expand it.

Else reset nether each month not remove it. nether lag is only if people pump out lava which causes moving lava.

Check if people have looping wiring that can cause lag as well. item drops on ground will cause that as well.

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I'm running into similar issues on my server, getting spikes of block lag. I've yet to nail it down, and we only have 4-6 people on my server. I've limited Dim Anchors/Chunk Loaders, I used MCPC+ and I've added in the plugin to clear entities. At this point I'm at a loss, but a lot of the lag seems to of started one one guy started to play and started to use Computer Craft and Sensors. I'm thinking about having all Sensors removed for a day just to see.

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I appreciate all the suggestions. I took your suggestion @Warlock and I changed the setting to false. Hopefully this resolves some of the lag, but I will be resetting the map anyway. Also some additional info; the server uses 4gb RAM with 20 tps. I am using the latest build of mcpc+ for 1.5.2.

Disabled mods: ChickenCunks, Dimensional-Anchor, Dimensional Doors, MFFS.

Mystcraft (banned but not disabled).

[b]Plugins (32):[/b] GroupManager, WorldEdit, mcjobs, Vault, AdminChann

el, WorldGuard, SimpleVIPPerks, BorderGuard, ProtectionStones, IP-Check, OnTime,

CoreProtect, Permissions, OpenInv, ScheduledAnnouncer2, ClearLag, ProtocolLib,

AutoRestart, Essentials, HyperConomy, ChatProtectionPlus, EssentialsProtect, Ser

verSigns, EssentialsSpawn, TagAPI, NameTags, VanishNoPacket, Enjin Minecraft Plu

gin, EssentialsAntiBuild, LWC, EssentialsChat, Factions

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1. Try to google for

nether "light updates"

2. Install opis or similar mod to discover the source (tile entities) and the location of the high cpu/mem usage.

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