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Mods Compatible with Tekkit?

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What mods do you guys run alongside the Tekkit package on your servers? Mods that increase the difficulty or drop a chest of your items on death or something would be especially handy.

I'm also looking for the mod that allows you to name areas. I saw it running on another Tekkit server (You are now entering "name"), and I haven't had much luck trying to find it within the tekkit pack. (Though if it's there, knowing the name would help a bit, heh).

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I believe the mod you are trying to find is called Towny

Thanks for the reply, but it's definitely not Towny. I know of Towny and don't really like it. This one just names regions, nothing more or less. I heard the folder was called "Interesting Places" or some such but I've had no luck finding a mod by that name.
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PreciousStones, ProtectionStones, MyChunk, and MCTowns are all possible candidates, along with many, many others.

ProtectionStones is probably the simplest land-protection self-service plugin I've ever seen, if you're interested in something like that.

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