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Dragons, Wyvern, and other large reptiles.


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While playing Hexxit i have noticed a lack of something in the game. As the title suggests i'm talking about a good ole dragon vs human fight. Although the game does have a dragon already(ender dragon), it's hard to grind to get eyes of ender, and most servers already have a dead dragon in the end. I'm not saying i want to fight one every single day but something to add a little challenge(and some decent loot) to the over world.

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The BetterDunegons Turtle Boss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1AUbmxsJko&list=PL0D23B3C25048BCC3&index=135


Yes, turtles are reptiles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtle

Helm Torso Legs Boots

464 629 596 530 Turtle Scale

441 641 601 521 Kreknorite

397 577 541 469 Meteorite

364 529 496 430 Imp skin

364 529 496 430 Diamond

364 529 496 430 Diamond Scale

364 529 496 430 Hexxit Scale

364 529 496 430 Hexxit Thief

364 529 496 430 Hexxit Tribal

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