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A Question from a Noob


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Hey guys! So I was trying to create a world in the Modpack named Tekkit. The screen would stay on Building Terrain forever and would actually never make a world. So I was wondering if Tekkit is made for Multiplayer or Singleplayer? If so, which pack do I play for Singleplayer? Tekkit Lite, Tekkit Classic, or Tekkit? Also what is the difference between each?


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A particular type of crash causes the game to hang on the world loading screen for a while. Try resetting your pack and allocating more RAM.

Tekkit originally started out as a multiplayer version of the "Technic" pack, which as since been retired due to the singleplayer-multiplayer merge of Minecraft 1.3. (In case you don't know, Minecraft 1.3 and later clients run on a server under the hood on singleplayer. This forced all mods to be multiplayer compatible, so only one pack was needed.) The team chose to keep the Tekkit name for the main tech-mod pack, maybe because the Yogscast had brought a lot of attention to it, or maybe it just felt more unique. Long story short, any of them can be used for singleplayer.

  • Tekkit is the newest, and the only one that will be updated. Minecraft 1.5 currently, will be updated to 1.6 and beyond once all the mods and the launcher update.
  • Tekkit Lite is the second youngest, running on Minecraft 1.4. It will no longer be updated, as Industrial Craft 2 and Redpower have been dropped and unfortuantely formed an integral part of Tekkit Lite.
  • Tekkit Classic, formerly known as Tekkit 3. The oldest (hence "classic") tekkit pack, it runs on Minecraft 1.2. It's fun if you liked the Yogscast's Tekkit series, or like Equivalent Exchange 2, but other than that it really has little going for it other than nostalgia.

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First, please read the forums rules.

Second, all modpacks made by Technic are both SSP and SMP. Due to how Mojang coded minecraft, there are no SSP~SMP ravine. They are both the same. Like Diablo 3.

Third, Tekkit is the newest and hottest from the oven! If you want fully updated mods with almost up-to-date minecraft version, you want Tekkit!

Tekkit Lite is... a bit tricky to explain. It involves something called Forgebukkit and its absence in here. Nothing to bother unless you intend to create a public server.

Tekkit Classic is old. It stays on minecraft version 1.2.5. Again, something to do with Bukkit and Forgebukkit. Look up ^^

Use that if you wanna stay in nostalgia world.

Edit. These !/%="(%#"" Ninjas....

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How long does it take you to type?

7 mins after you posted yours! :P

I was looking at official Technic wiki for some answers, not too much about why those packs are what they are.

Next bloody time I'm making a post, I'm gonna copy the text and refresh the page just to check nobody smarter made a better one than mine!

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