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Extremely Low FPS


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I just recently downloaded Tekkit and even if I set my visual settings all the way to the lowest I can only get a max of 15 frames, 5 on average. However as soon as I pause my fps jumps to 25-30. Is it just my laptop is shit? It is a 2011, but the only other game that I have played that has caused my frames to drop this low was BF3, but that game is a monster, even Saint's Row III is at least playable outside of massive gun fights.

Is anyone else having this problem? Can I fix it? Or do I just need a new computer?

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Well, it would be useful to know your specs...

So far I can only advice not to use a texture pack since those can decrease your FPS a lot.

Also install Optifine.

Currently with those settings I'm getting around 100 FPS with normal render distance, fancy, maxFPS and 1% smooth lighting.

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