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[PAID]Hiring experienced Java Developer


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ToastCraft is searching for a developer!


We are in need of a new developer for our popular server ToastCraft. The server is growing a lot and we are now looking for experienced developers that can contribute to the growth of ToastCraft.

Being a developer on Toastcraft will grant payments depending on contribution and quality. More about this will be discussed upon hiring.

What is needed

The server is currently developing a rework of some Mods (fixing mods so we can have less banned items), therefore developers with prior experience with recoding Mods will be prioritized.

There are more work with different game mechanics to be done, so even if you are not familiar coding mods you can contribute.

Please fill in this application form, then send it in a personal message:




Java experience (how long and prior work):

Are you able to use TeamSpeak?

Are you familiar with Tekkit?:

Are you familiar with the Tekkit Classic mods?:

Why would you work for us?:

-Thanks in advance, Rubbertjuh-

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You've been here quite long to know that signing posts in this forum is unneeded. It's also silly, since it will attract hungry moderators to you.

I wonder how many times I've seen these kinds of requests, and how many of them been ignored.

A little hint: very few people like to tell what country they are from. Especially true considering MC mod devs.

And I have doubts people will tell their Skype, since most people have it on their real names. Could be wiser to stand on neutral ground, like mumble or teamspeak, so both parties can be equally anonymous.

Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.

Hope your server fares well.


Why would you work for us?:

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