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Power Suit Armor


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Tekkit Version 1.1.8

Windows 8 x64

Java x64

This is not a bug post, since I only see this on my computer not my son's computer.

My issue is upon entering a crafting station, or equivalent, doing a search in NEI for "power" only displays the "Tinker Table for Power Armor". On my son's computer it displays the armor also, but not on mine. I can however find all the addons for the power armor just not the armor itself.

I am playing on a dedicated server, and have already deleted my TekkitMain folder and let it re-download... I installed to a non-default location. D:\Tekkit\TekkitMain

Is there another location that I should blow away to force a proper redownload?

Thanks for the help guys.

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Got it sorted out... Even though I installed to a non default location : D:\Tekkit, and each Technic pack is under that...tekkitmain ... ect

There is also a folder structure in %appdata%\Roaming\.technic

I deleted the folder %appdata%\Roaming\.technic AND changed the install back to the default location.

It was good again.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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