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[0.6.5]HeatCraft[PvP][500 slots][Factions][No WhiteList][Donate for perks][24/7]


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SERVER IP mc6.fadehost.com:25695

Use this host if you want to start a server

2.00 a month!

MUMBLE Voice Chat IP: PORT: 65108

Are forums: http://heatcraft.freeforums.org (Report Players Here Donate Ban Disputes etc..)

WE ARE Now FTB Unleashed!!!!!!!!!! Tekkit was not working out so we moved! to FTB unleashed

About us (Average Community) 20 + Players a day

Ddos Protected 500 + Players

Community Pics



Spawn Pics Soon.

More servers will come Feed the Beast.


Don't be a pain

Any the admins says go.

Do not give items to players if you bought ("Creative")

Do not grief Admins.

"Griefing and Raiding is Allowed"

Enjoy your Stay and have a nice day :)

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Either it was you pulling a mean prank (Which I seriously dought) Or your account got hacked!! two griefers went onto your server, used your account to get op and wrecked the beautiful spawn I build by hand for you, (Not to mention the hard work of materials needed) And they demoted me, nicknamed me to "Jew" and trolled everyone! even stole from every last player man!!!!

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