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Furnace Issues


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Hello everybody. I am trying to create a charcoal "farm," using two chests, a furnace, two wooden pipes, two redstone torches, two redstone engines, cobblestone transport pipes and an iron pipe. Here's a picture: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/18/rrnl.png/. It will take wood (left chest) and charcoal (right chest) and put them in the furnace to create more charcoal. Some will be put back in the system and some I will use for other things. All I would have to do is add wood to the chest.

The problem is that I cannot get the wood and the charcoal to actually enter into the furnace from the back or sides. Is there a special furnace I need that will allow me to put things in them through pipes? Trying to put things in a regular furnace via pipes just makes the items fall onto the ground.

This is probably such a stupid question but I cannot seem to find the answer.

Thank you,


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Whoops, nope. Your texture pack confused me. I thought you were using an Industrial Craft 2 electric furnace. I think it'll work if you make the input pipe go in the top.

Yes, that did work for adding the wood to the furnace. However, it did not work for adding the charcoal back in. Is there a way I can make that happen?

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Uhh, I don't know. Make it into a electric/powered furnace and place a generator/sterling engine directly next to it to pipe the charcoal into?

It isn't that the charcoal isn't coming out of the chests and going into the pipes, it's that once it gets to the top of the furnace, it pops out of the pipes. So it literally just doesn't enter the furnace.

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To input in the fuel slot, the charcoal has to be piped into the bottom of the furnace.

Okay, thank you. But now, if the slot in the furnace is full of wood or charcoal, it just floats out of the pipe and onto the ground, instead of returning back to the chest. Is there a certain chest I can use that will make the surplus charcoal or wood flow back through the pipe back into the chest it came from?

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