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New hexxit mods


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I think you should actually read Azanor's post

The code of “Thaumcraft for Minecraft” in source or binary form is the intellectual property of Azanor. You may not reproduce, redistribute or modify it.

As a habit I ignore every PM in regards to mod-packs - both private and public. Everything you need to know about them is listed below. I don't ignore them to be an ass, but I get at least 10 mod-pack requests per day and I honeslty can't be bothered to reply to them all.

Technic is not among the approved public modpacks, so the answer is no. There's nothing that Technic staff can do about it.

Feel free to add the mod yourself, though. I'm quite content with Hexxit as is.

Hexxit makes me go adventuring, without having to bother grinding up resources. TC is on par with any other technology mod, needing to grind, mine and gather resources to make stuff.

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Thaumcraft 4 (MC 1.6) actually requires exploration to aquire the "aspects" as opposed to sacrificing resouces to your research table. Of course, the matter of the liscence still stands, but it's much more Hexxity for players and servers that want to add it once Hexxit updates.

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