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Are Fulmation Generators even a remotely feasible power source with antimatter?


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I have an 80x80+ particle accelerator. Approximately the edge of 5x5 chunks.

It takes approximately 10 full redstone energy cells to generate one antimatter however when dropped into a 5x5 fulmation generator... I don't even get a quarter half full redstone energy cell.

Everything is properly wired, I'm just curious if I'm doing anything wrong or if its just a failure?

Also I want to note... I had a fusion system set up.... I set up a ME system that would auto feed 3 chemical extractors, then take the deuterium and pop it into the fusion reactor and it generated energy perfectly...

However the amount of empty cells that were needed was extremely high and I went through like 1000 tin in such a short time frame.

Is atomic science just horrendously underpowered for the amount of labor and materials required?

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A well designed fusion core produces in excess of 1.6k MJ/t and only consumes 4 tin an hour.

Add an M beside that 1.6 and itll be more Accurate XD

fulmination gens produce more power the bigger the chamber inside is. i think there is a max of 11*11*11 or something like that. and if i recall grows exponentially. just don't forget to add water xD

also, the fuel that generates the most power out of these fulmination things is the antimatter cell, so basically it should be feasible to get the most out of it. try it in creative.

read through this " http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/atomic-science-fuel-life-config.51474/ " thread to make your reactor as efficient as possible.

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