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[0.6.5]TerraTekkit[PvE][30 slots][No Whitelist][No Dimensional Doors*][No griefing]


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Recently the staff and I have been looking for new hosts one of the ones that we found is HostHorde. They offer unlimited ram/bandwidth/diskspace for $24.95 per month however they do not offer a free website so for that we will use HostGator. HostGator costs 7.46 a/mo. In all this will cost us $57.06 a/mo.

Items costing money so you do not think that I am cheating:

TerraStorm (My Other Server, Vanilla): $24.96

TerraTekkit: $24.96

Website: (For both servers): $7.16

Total: 57.06 a/mo

Currently in the paypal about 25 (I am not going to give the exact amount due to security issues).

Please donate to the server to help us get this new plan. Think about it 6gb of ram (to start) and the server will lose all lag issues (we currently average at about 19.4/20 tps and about 65 mb of free ram). We will also be able to increase the player limit to 75 players.

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dc = disconnected, but forget it, when I leave the server I said to GigaWattt that he could stay with my stuff and he don't want to give it back, and I don't want to find 3 diamond stacks, some iron, cooper, tin and redstone stacks again

You seem to have made up your mind so there's the exit.

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I am putting together a server slide show to advertise the server. This slide show will appear both on youtube and probably somewhere on the website. I need some music for the slideshow. Anyone who knows any bands or can make music in any way themselves may enter this contest. Winner gets free vip for 30 days. To enter just record yourself, upload it yo youtube and give me a link in a reply to the thread on the server forums. Remember: ONLY USE YOUR OWN WORK PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Make sure you only use A) Open source software or B) Commercial software that you own full rights to (have paid for not pirated and using the full version (no "express" editions)). By submitting any material to this contest you grant me full permission to do whatever I want with it.

Some examples of stuff I would use except it is considered plagiarism (by me and probably others):

Bad Apple

Night of Nights

Bad Apple (Alternate)

Electric Joy Ride - 360

Nicki Manaj - Starships - Really good one

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