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How to fix this lag?


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When I started up Hexxit I made a world and it took me a while to do so. Once it was done I was lagging a little at the start and then the lag dissapeared. When I started punching trees I started lagging again. I was slowly punching trees and just as I was going to break the base wood block it lagged out. Now it has been like that for 20 minutes and it says the program is not responding. I have a 8GB 64-bit Windows 7 computer. I also have lag on Tekkit, Feed the Beast and Mine/Slash (might be wrong I think it was something like that.) and all of them have this similar problem with little lag then lag getting fixed and lagging out of the game. If anyone has experience with this and knows how to help me please post a reply. Thanks a bunch :))

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The first thing you should try (if you haven't already) is allocating extra RAM. Both the FTB and Technic launchers default to 1GB, which isn't always enough.

Hmm, when I used to play Minecraft before on my old computer I always got loads of lags and game freezes. Now that I got a better computer there is no lag so I never really got to doing the stuff with allocating more RAM...So I'll just get to the point. How do I do that? :D Sorry I'm kind of a nub when it comes to this kind of stuff.

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