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Teraria 1.2


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Fucking hell, this update.

So much content.

You thought the corruption was bad? Well fuck you, here's the Crimson, which is the horrifying bastard child of human anatomy and nightmares.

Seriously though, the Crimson is the only biome I don't like going to. It's harder than the corruption, more disturbing than the corruption, and has marginally better rewards for the extra effort.

I have trashed two worlds now after playing on them for a while and finding that the Crimson is there instead of the Corruption.

The content added is a blast, though, the new chain knife drop from bats gets you a relevant beginning to middle game weapon. The new NPCs, painting (which needs a rebalancing, it is too expensive right now,) the water and lava falls, the added cave detail, the extra world smoothing, so much added.

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