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On Mining Drills and Laser Foci


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I have a question for those players that have used Mining Drills. According to the wiki you obtain certain ores by using certain colored Laser Foci. There is a table there that lists all of the vanilla ores and gems. But what about lead, copper, silver, certus quartz and "Shiney Metal" aka platinum? Have you been able to obtain those ores at all? Has anyone noticed a pattern?

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I know it's possible to obtain those ores with or without foci installed but outside of that I'd have to rig up a test which will take some time as I'd have to let it run for quite a while with each of the foci to see if they produce any of those. You're killin' me Smalls.

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All the foci do is increase the probability of those ores. Without them, the chance is the same for any of the ores, with them, the ore that foci is tied to has a higher chance of being chosen. It's all a matter of probability. And, you can have all of the foci slots with the same color. The foci chances are added together.

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Alright I'll put the test results in here. I'm going for an average testing time of 4 hours per focus, with 6 of one color for each test (thanks to jakalth for that one). I did a control just to see if anything didn't pop up and sure enough some didn't.

Nether Lead

Nether Silver

Nether Platinum

Nether Ferrous

Nether Copper

Nether Tin

Galacticraft Copper

Galacticraft Tin


Nether Uranium (disabled by default)

Nether Nikolite (disabled by default)

Nether Ruby (disabled by default)

Nether Sapphire (disabled by default)

Nether Emerald Sapphire (disabled by default)

Nether Pig Iron (disabled by default)

Nether Iridium (disabled by default)

Nether Osmium (disabled by default)

After letting it run for a few more hours with the white foci in place all the same ores refused to show up so I guess powercrystals hasn't merged those in yet with MFR.

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