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Noahs Mod [V0.1][1.6.2]

Noah PLuimers

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A short intro

Hi, I'm noahp78 A.K.A Supernoahp

And I'm the developer of Noah's Mod, a mod where i try to add stuff that i think where missing from the game.

What does it add?

1. Bedrite Ore and tools

Bedrite is a mixture of diamond and bedrock, making it stronger and more powerful then the diamond tools, It has 2500 uses and is twice as fast as diamond tools, it's also extremely good enchantable (gets good enchants)

2. A way to craft the saddle

Multiplayer servers have the problem that when the game is like advanced a bit the saddle's run "out", the way to craft a saddle is leather in the form of a H shape so




That's where you come in

I'm adding suggestions from players to the game, if you have a idea, post it in the comments and i will consider it for adding (Most of the time i do add it).




V3 Tools now have stuff to be able to use

V1/V0.1 Initial release

IRC:#noahsmod on irc.esper.net:5555, Try your luck. If i'm not online use /msg MemoServ SEND noahp78 yourmessage, I will respond to you A.S.A.P


You are now allowed to put my mod in your modpack, as long as you post a comment with the link to it for me to try out :)

What isn't allowed:Direct linking (Link to this post)

Mirroring (making a mirror of my page, I have more then enough bandwith to hold it)

Publishing source files (SOURCE COMING SOON!)

Thanks to People

-you guys, for trying out the mod

-The #minecraftforge irc people, for helping me out

-Pahimar, for providing source for me to learn from and making Let's Mod

-Mdiyo, for providing source for me to learn from

-Direwolf20, For getting my interest back in modding


1. Villager

2. More Tools

3. More ores

4. Your suggestions!!

Known Bugs:XP usage is out of balance. [Adding Nerf-options in V4]]

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