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Weirdest Mystcraft age


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Sky color red, grass color black, foliage color(leaves) white, cloud color yellow, fog color, green, end world, plains, forest, jungle, desert, tiny biome, rising east, setting west, full length normal sun, rising west, setting east, half length, normal sun, rising north, half length, normal moon, rising south, full length, normal moon, rising east, double length, normal moon, rising west, half legnth, half length, normal moon, blue, normal stars, fast weather.

odd colored sky and clouds, black and white plants, 2 suns moving in opposite directions and moons going every which way at different speeds. along with blue stars. And many different biomes mixed together rather badly all on a small island in the middle of a void.

That's about as odd, and mostly useless, you can get.

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The old style ones where if you didn't specify anything it just generated nothing but the page temples. Made finding pages a breeze I can tell you that lol.

Outside of that, multiple colors of decay are always fun to watch.

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