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updating mods to 1.6+? when!?


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You know as much as the rest of us. If there's not a "Let's Test" Version that says it's 1.6 then there's no ETA. It's not like there's a super secret code to enter and magically get a 1.6 version. The only answer is soon. :-/ As you can tell I'm sure they get this question all the time and you can only answer "soon" so many times before you get sick of it.

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I'd assume that Hexxit wouldn't be upgraded. From my experience, modpacks don't get updated to newer versions of minecraft, but different versions are made, as is the case with Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Lite, for example.

I'd assume the opposite. Tekkit Lite was a special case- It was intended as more of a test than a permanent investment, just testing the waters after significant changes to Minecraft and the Modding Community.

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...so... there is no one on the Team that will ever going answer such a simple question?

No. And if you payed any attention you'd have noticed you got a warning for the question.

ETAs are stupid and you will never get one. Ever. And for a very good reason.

No matter how many times t is made clear it's an Estimate, people still take them as set in stone promises with crossing of hearts and all that jazz. If one is missed then people get every shade of pissy under the sun about broken promises.

Doesn't matter why it is missed either. From just plain too hard to multi-car pileup taking out every person an admin ever loved, someone will throw up a dozen posts about how stuipd, lazy, incompetent, spiteful, evil, and just plain horrible that admin is. References to puppy eating and comparisons to Hitler will be featured prominently. Their may even be swear words.

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