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Oxygen sealer question?


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I have one question about the oxygen sealer that i always wondered. Does anyone know the block radius that they can seal? for example I usually start out with 5x5x5 rooms (5 wide by 5 wide by 5 tall) but when i get to a certain size they start becoming unsealed. Also if much larger rooms are unsealable by one oxygen sealer would placing more in it be able to seal that room?

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you can use many sealers to seal a larger room but still they are still buggy I wouldnt recommand using them. We almost lost the moon because of sealers.

They can cause a crash problem and will instantly crash the server as soon anyone are are close enough to active the chunk where the buggy sealer are on.

If you still wanna use sealers build in glass blocks so you can reconfig them not count as airtight if you get the crash bugg. That will cause the sealer not to try and seal the room and you can remove them again without having to delete the moon.

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