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Server error whilst trying to join?


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When i try to join my server that I have created it says...

Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server

The mods and versions listed bellow could not be found

They are required to play on this server

AppliedEnergistics : rv12.b

I reinstalled Tekkit and still nothing?

Any ideas would be great.

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Have you upgraded both your server and your client? Both need to be on the same version to work and you'd get an error similar to this if they're not. The other possibility is there might still be an older version of AE that is preventing the up to date version from loading in your client's mods folder.

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Delete the tekkit folder.

In the latest update AE got updated from r9 to r12, you still have the old version probably.

If you delete the tekkit folder (save your SSP worlds) and restart the tekkit launcher it will download the correct files.

Please also check you have the "download latest recommended version" set in the tekkit launcher, you may be using one of the previous ones if it's set that way.

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