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[0.6.5] Venture [PvP/PvE][50 slots][No Whitelist][DD/Mystcraft Removed]


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Hello everybody!

I have been played on this server with my daughter and a few friends for over a year now, and since it's dwindled down to just me and my daughter playing I decided to throw a new map up and see if anyone is interested in playing


Server IP:

Server Rules: Basically none. Since it's only run by me, I don't have a staff to enforce any rules anyway. All I ask is that you don't hack/cheat.

Mods Removed: Dimensional Doors and Mystcraft. I don't have anything against them but I want to keep the server as lag free as possible.

Banned Items: None!


Plugins: None. I prefer a vanilla Tekkit Lite experience, and I feel like the modpack offers you many options to prevent griefing.

About the server: Like I said before, it's always been a small server for a small group of people. My daughter and I will be playing occasionally and it's not going offline any time soon, so if you're looking for a peaceful place to play I can promise that at least my daughter and I will be friendly to you! Thanks for looking at my topic and have a good day!

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