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Looking for Hexxit players


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I had my small server running Big Dig for a long time, but I have had some serious issues with it that I am tired of constantly trying to fix. Plus, I need something new and different. The server issues made it difficult to keep players.

I have been messing around with Hexxit and it is a refreshing change, not to mention it runs much better on my server. I do miss the tech of the other modpacks a bit. Hexxit seems focused less on building and more on exploring (raiding?) existing structures/dungeons.

Anyway, I would love to explore the mod with 1-3 other people, preferably mature (over 18 is almost a requirement here, although I do make exceptions...I am ancient and don't have a lot of patience for douchebaggery.)

...so if you are interested, pm me. Having a mic/headset and at least Skype would be nice as well.

If I get people interested, I will generate a brand new world so we can start fresh with un-plundered towers.

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