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It's been more than a year that I have been running my tekkit community that has accumulated over 3500 registered users. Ever since the day I started running my server I only kept expanding it, never truly playing myself. I have gone through at least 3-4 complete map resets since Tekkit Classic to what is now Tekkit Main.

I am having a hard time dealing with the overload that the server gets, even with the following specs and low amounts of players (8-12 average):

Server CPU: Intel Xeon hexa-core 3.8 Ghz (6 cores @ 3.8Ghz)

Server RAM: 8 GB

Server HDD: 240 GB

Server Network: 1 GBit/s behind a DoS mitigation firewall w/ unlimited bandwidth

The server is generating a little more lag at a time now.. I had plans of expanding the server into a network that contained additional arcade and pvp servers but I am feeling a lack of motivation due to Tekkit.. should I convert to Vanilla, or what can I do to save my server from another map reset?

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Honestly it's not really just a problem with Tekkit. Whenever minecraft is updated there is a chance that older versions will not be supported and you will need to make a new map. Remember you can always just not go to the new version if you like things the way they are. That is really the only way to ensure you won't have to start new.

Personally I enjoy starting from scratch every so often provided I get a lot of new goodies to play with. But I'm not on your server so my opinion doesn't really matter! :)

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