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I just though I'd stop by and say thanks to the Technic/Tekkit team. I play it almost exclusively now, where before I didn't use any mods, apart from the odd server admin plugin.

There are a few things I don't particularly like (among them, it seems that you don't have permission to distribute Forestry, and the banhammer seems/seemed a little quick to strike), but nothing that really needs a rage like some I've seen.

Anyway, thanks. It seems you get little enough at the moment.

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I allready typed up a thanks somewhere else but its now deep down in the whale box so ill just copy and paste :P, Im sure technic's days will be much nicer knowing that there are those whom are grateful for the countless hours and money they put into it.


When i first opened the technic launcher i was awestruck, it trully is technic's best thing thus far, it's simple, working , update-able and most notably you pretty much get a seperate easily accesible minecraft! You guys should be grateful for the existence and stamina of these hard working folks whom have given you this mod pack by using their own free time, money(they are at loss of money to keep up the website and such) , and manage to continue updating and being helpful despite the countless trolls such as yourselves.

So for a moment think about what you're saying and how'd you feel if you put all this effort in for people to enjoy a modpack only to have some spammy, repitive argumental trolls nudge down on minor flaws. Anyway you're all complaining about it being premium , but truthully just use your brain and you can easily and manually work around it as i did.

Thank you technic team for all you hard work so i could enjoy this mod pack ;),


There are many more whom appreciate your hard work but have no time or don't know how to word it, try to set your community to have higher standards and it should filter out trolls and such ;)

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