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How do I use the modular forcefield system in 1.1.10?


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I just starting using tekkit a couple weeks ago and I'm slowly grasping it all there is to it, still a long way to go, but I cannot figure out how to set up a force field. I read about forcicium and I see videos with it, but I when I look up parts in videos(extractor) I can't find it in the creative search. Can anyone guide me to setting up a simple force field?

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I tend to prefer using survival mode with cheat mode in NEI for testing things out, as I find the creative tabs pretty confusing. To do it my way, simply set the difficulty to peaceful then....

1)Set difficulty to peaceful.

2) Hit 'e'

3) if you don't see the save buttons on the left, hit the 'Options' button in the lower left.

3a) Press button in the upper right until it says 'Cheat Mode'. The other two options it has are 'Recipe Mode' and 'Utility Mode'

3b) Press 'Done' button at the bottom.

4)You should be back to inventory now. Click 'Item SubSets' button on top of screen. It should expand as long as you keep it highlighted.

5)Highlight 'Mods' button. It should expand again.

6)Use scrollbar on the left to find and double-click 'Modular Force Field System'. This forces NEI to only show blocks from that mod when searching.

7)Move mouse away from those tabs to make them disappear.

8)Click the text bar in the bottom of the screen and clear out anything that's in it.

9) when you need different blocks from NEI, just double-click the 'Item SubSets' button at the top of the inventory screen again. That'll expand your NEI searches to all blocks and items again.

At this point you should have all the blocks and items from the MFFS mod. Now you can follow along with a video. I don't actually know how to set one up or I'd just tell you, but there are resources out there for you.

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This video should help. It's the mod overview from the author. The basics are you need Coersion Derivers to convert MJs to Fortron, the MFFS energy format. You then position a Fortron Capacitor to act as both a Fortron tank and the energy transfer mechanism for the other blocks that need Fortron. You use a Force Field Projector to actually create the force fields. You'll need to add at one mode upgrade (cube or sphere are the most usefull) and at least a few scaling modules before the projector will do anything (you can see). The Interdiction Matrix will allow you to do things like kill monsters/animals/players or limit what they can do when they enter the radius of effect.

Actually the trickiest part of MFFS is upgrade system. Without upgrades, Coersion Derivers generate relatively small amount of Fortron, Fortron Capacitors transfer Fortron at very slow rates and Force Field Projectors and Interdiction Matrixes won't do anything useful without them. Building larger fields is a balancing act to ensure that enough Fortron is generated and transferred to the Projector fast enough to keep the field online. Thankfully all of the blocks in the mod will tell you how much Fortron it uses, produces or transfers and as long as you watch those figures so your generation and transmission are greater than your utilization you'll be fine.

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