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Hello my fellow Tekkiters and welcome to EVE online! This started out in Kitty Jail and I'm expanding it out here so we can have a dedicated thread for it as appose to the off topic chaos known in the Jail.

What is EVE online? Well it's only the biggest player controlled MMO out there! Everything from the politics to the market prices are fully player controlled. EVE goes as far to say that every ship that is not a rookie one is player built.

You are who you make your self in this universe. If you like playing the market then you can accumulate the wealth of empires. If you are ambitious you can become the most prosperous privateer. If you are a leader, you can wage war in a galactic scale with army's of other players.

Now, there is a monthly subscription, but at the same time there is not. Players of immense skill and wealth can buy the monthly subscription with In Game Cash.

That is why I come here to spread the word. As I type, I am assembling a Corporation so we may form a supply line to roll in the cash we crave. The more players we have, the bigger the set up we can form and the larger the profit! Right now it is likely everyone will need to buy at least one months subscription before we can get going but past that we should be able to pay our own way.

Come one come all! Lets all take this New Eden for our own!

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