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Non-EE inventory management and item safety


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Are there any items currently in Tekkit or planned for the next Tekkit release that approximate the functionality of EE's Alchemy Bags? In particular, I'm looking for a device that keeps items safe while exploring. Additional inventory space and/or organization is a plus.

MightyPork's backpack mod includes a "Magic Backpack" that keeps your items safe. It is arguably a lot less "overpowered" because the storage space is very limited. It's not in the current Tekkit pack to my knowledge, but it does have SMP support and would be a wonderful addition. The backpack mod also allow you to create colored and named bags that function as portable chests for basic inventory management, but any items inside are destroyed. Again, that is much less powerful than EE bags, but it would still be very nice to have the extra storage space.

The Yogbox allows you to retain your entire inventory upon death. While that's not exactly what I'm looking for, it would be a reasonable alternative if there's some way to enable it for Tekkit servers.

If there are any items already in Tekkit (other than the EE bags, obviously) that would be useful, please let me know. If no alternatives exist, please allow me to humbly suggest MightyPork's backpack mod for future consideration.

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At a basic level, ender bags are exactly like alchemy bags: Which color bag is which inventory, multiple bags access the same inventory, destroying the bag preserves the inventory. Enderbags just have the additional ability to interface with enderchests too. The biggest difference is really just the crafting ingredients.

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And Ender bags only have the inventory space of a single chest, unlike the massive space of an alchemy bag.

Which I can easily change if the community desires it, if enderbags get added to the next Technic. :P Not too difficult, just like the edits to other stuff I did: Probably a few hardcoded size variables to alter directly or by reflection, and either increase numrows if it's using the standard chest UI or just copy and paste a few more cells into the GUI png if it's a custom UI.

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