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Tekkit classic dupes?

Mr Google

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are there any videos XD

Sorry, was a joke. Laser drills and auto-spawners creates stuff. Laser drills converts power -> ores and auto-spawner converts mob essence -> mobs so you can put upp a grinder to autofarm thos mobs created by autospawner.

Just google them and you will get many hits. But you can exploit auto-farmer by spawning Slimes. Slimes will create more essence that i takes to create them so have two spawning pits. One just spawning slimes and you will get so much mob essence that you can run a second one for free and in that you spawn what ever you wanna spawn.

Laser Drills are so OP that if you can make an autmated powerplant and enough power to run it at max speed you dont have to run a quarry anymore and it will give more ores then a maxed quarry and it will run 24/7. To max it you need 200Mj/tic, 50 Mj/tic for each laser drill precharger.

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