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[3.1.2] >TekkitEco< |Bringin' Classic Back!|Hacks Patched, Dedicated Server |100 SLOTS|


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>>>TekkitEco || We're Bringin' Classic Back!<<<

Our IP is currently

Do you ever miss the Tekkit Servers of old? You know, a whole few months or even up to a year ago? *Gasp* Well us too! TekkitEco is an economy based Tekkit experience running off of 3.1.2. We are currently hosted on a dedicated machine, with a 1GB/s uplink and 100% total DDoS protection! Nevertheless, your experience here will be totally lag-free!

We aim to please at TekkitEco. In the past, the owner FarmerFist had run an 80 slot server which had frequently been filled with 60 players at any given time of day. However, it had closed due to poor funding and lack of support from the community. But TekkitEco is here to stay and it plans to make it's mark in the Tekkit community!

As stated early, we are economy based so we do not tolerate excessive griefing of other player's land. After all, you worked hard for what you made didn't you? We do have the factions plug in for players to utilize for forming groups with their friends, creating alliances and protecting their land and items.

Our rules are simple and few, and you can basically follow this guideline:

1) Don't come to advertise other servers here.

2) Don't grief other player's land.

3) Remember this is a community so be nice.

4) Essentially, treat others as you would treat yourself.

So, your probably wondering "What are the banned items, FarmerFist?"

Well you can put it this way:

If it can be used to dupe, grief, or exploit the game in anyway, shape, or form,

we have banned it.

A Short List Includes:

Destruction Catalysts


RM Katar/Morningstar

Tank Carts

Mercucial Eye

Black Hole Band

"But why would you do this..?"

Our old Tekkit server got consistently exploited and abused by trusting the

average player to not abuse or exploit items. Therefore they are banned

this time around. Sorry.

No, Energy Collectors and Relays are not banned, and you can still have EMC farms. In the end, this will lead to an overall better Tekkit experience and form a more economy based community. When it comes down to it, the average kid can't be trusted to not spoil it for everyone. That is a simple

fact of life.

Our IP is currently

We are working on securing a good domain. Use this for the time being.

As for a website, please use http://www.chaoticfrontier.enjin.com Yes, I know this is not a Tekkit themed website. I will be working over time to make it work equally as well for both my vanilla PvP server and my Tekkit. Sorry in advance! So please, come on down and enjoy Tekkit. I hope to see you on the server as much as you want to have a great Tekkit experience. I am completely open to suggestions and comments which you can leave on this thread. Thank you very much for your time and have a good day!

Please Note:

Yeah, Spawn is being developed. It currently has a Casino, Admin Shop, Information Center, and Skeeball. Will will be adding a Drop Party Room & More! So please don't comment about how small it is. We're working on it! Side Note: Not all banned items are permanently banned. You may contest a banned item directly to the owner here. Aside, some items may have been accidentally banned which were not meant to be so. Thank you for your cooperation.

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This Server Is.....Bet you cant wait to see what im gonna say.... It's The.............Best Tekkit Server I've EVER Been on! So, If your looking for one this one is a great choice. The Staff are Amazing,The server is just Wow.. Amazing! Please Join it Ip:

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Volcanite Amulets are banned -- They sometimes are given on first login due to a glitch with essentials, I'm working on fixing it. However on the bright side, it shows our banned items work! Thank you for playing TekkitEco, if you need further assistance I'll be in game, here, or ask staff.

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