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How to Shut off the Flow of IC energy?


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Okay, so I'm setting up an applied energistics ME system, and one of the first things I noticed is that it takes a lot of power (I'm building a power barge to supply that, but that's not my question). Currently I'm saving power by removing the cable between the ME system and the MFE that supplies it whenever its not in use, which works fine, but is rather inelegant.

So what I was wondering is A) is there a way to switch the flow of power on and off (I.E. the cable will still be connected, but the power will stay in the MFE instead going to the ME system)? and B) is there any way to set it up so it automatically switches off when I leave the room (like, some sort of player-detecting proximity switch or something)?

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A is easy, use an EU splitter cable. When it gets a Redstone signal it cuts off the power.

B is a little trickier, but it's still possible. The way I'd do it is with a pressure pad at the doorway hooked up to a toggle latch.

So tekkit doesn't add any fancy automatic player-detectors, then?

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