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[3.1.2] Howler-Gaming [24/7][No Whitelist][Factions]


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Welcome to Howler-Gaming Tekkit Server

I hope you read this and come and play!

What Is Howler-Gaming?

Howler-Gaming is a single Tekkit Server, Looking for players/Staff. We are also looking for people who will be active and help the community grow and expand to my wildest Dreams. I started this project hoping that i could make my own Gaming Community. We are working on the Spawn and Warps. They will all be done soon!

Our Server Rules

1) Do not spam - This includes TPA.

2) Do not SA (Server Advertise)

3) Do not Spawn Kill.

4) Do not ask for Ranks/Items.

5) Do not spam staff members.


Our server is hosted on a dedicated hosting company.

The server is 4GB ram, With a dedicated IP address.

Our IP: Play.Howler-Gaming.Net


Owner: Deansta

Co-Owner: Mrsarks59

Administrators: Hiring

Moderators: Hiring



If your going to play, Copy and paste this.



[center]Why are you joining

The server will be live within the next day.

Hope you enjoy your wait.

You can post on the forums, I will let you apply for mod without been on the server.

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