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Does anyone else think that the Tekkit Classic updates should continue? I'm pretty sure Technic stopped updating Tekkit Classic to make other modpacks like the new Tekkit (based on space) and that's not bad i'd just like to see the modpack that started it all get a little more updates like seriously were still on 1.2.5 and Minecraft's already on 1.7 . Anyway my main question is do you think Tekkit should be updated and if so would there be any mods you'd like to see in it ? (P.S. I'm not a Technic official I just want to see peoples opinion on this)

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If you search through the history you will see this pack was abandoned because the bridge they were using to run both bukkit and forge stopped being updated, future updates were rolled out in Tekkit lite

That in turn was abandoned when IC2 and RedPower2 stopped being updated and the team made Tekkit

Classic and Lite are dead packs, they are kept in the launcher because people still want to play them not because they will be getting updates later on

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