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how do i make big dig/technic run faster or smoother


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i need help on making big dig mopack or technic launcher run faster. preferably both. ive tried optifine but cant seem to get it to work with current version of big dig. manufacturer: hewlett-packard

Model: Presario CQ57 Notebook PC

Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.30 GHz

Installed memory(RAM): 4.00 GB (3.60 GB Usable)

System type: 64 bit operating system

windows 7

please help sorry first time using technic launcher and i love to play big dig but its so laggy im getting about 1 to 10 FPS :( usual minecraft i get 60 FPS

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What are your typical video settings when running vanilla MC?

Bigdig needs RAM allocated to it. By default 512MB to 1024MB (1GB) is typically allocated. There is a gear on the top-right corner that you can click on to adjust the amount of ram used by it. Try 2GB, if that just delays the lag for a while, then 3GB.

Turn things down like from Fancy to Fast and changing the lighting from Maximum to Minimal.

Next turn on Advanced OpenGL.

Rather than Fullscreen, try Windowed and maximize the window to fit the screen. If you're doing that, try the other way around.

Based on your system the RAM is shared with your system and graphics, as well as that particular APU is aimed at being power efficient. It may not have the "umph" behind it to run it.

As for the modpack itself, its very complex and a lot of the machines cause some of the lag. The hydrogen generators for example after 6 of them in a single chunk, really start to drag the system down.

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Ahhhhh laptops.... Don't have a good way with minecraft even ultra performance sometime of playing it it will just drop to like 4 fps I know this because my brother owns a high end laptop and every 5 mins of playing on it it lags like crazy, I've had this problem with every laptop I've played minecraft idk what causes but it definitely needs to be fixed

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danielrise102, that's not a high range laptop then. I have a high mid range gaming laptop and mine runs them at 60+ fullscreen. However on my desktop I have a awful gpu and my laptop has a more powerful cpu with a 3.50GHhz max turbo frequency and yet I was managing to get a stable 80 fps on my 6 year old desktop but yet this runs it worst! :/ 

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