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Can't use Hexxit because it relies on 3rd party launcher


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Mojang makes it very clear that they don't want people to use 3rd party launchers, and for good reason. Quote from https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/989614-choosing-a-good-password :

Never use your password to log in to other websites or third party software (custom launchers or similar)!

It would be great if I could install Hexxit without having to use the Technical launcher.

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You can play Hexxit using the normal minecraft launcher. But you will have to get Minecraft 1.6.4 and manually install Forge first. Then launch it once , close minecraft and merge some of the folders inside the hexxit directory with your minecraft directory (Chocolate, config, CustomDIskins , mods, coremods, resources. Maybe libs too not sure, you will have to try). Another thing you might want to look up is how to create more then one Minecraft installment to play around with. So you can use the configuration from Hexxit and don't need to do them on your own.

I suggest to import Hexxit into a program like MultiMC though. It is a lot easier for managing different modded Minecraft versions with.

Also Technic launcher doesn't steal your account details with the launcher. It just uses determines where you live so to send drones to your house that will scan your brain.

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