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How do I bring stuff to the bottom of the smeltery?


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Okay, so the title may be a little confusing but what I want is this:

Say I have 54 molten iron ingots, 9 molten gold ingots and 18 molten cobalt ingots

So I want to make a cobalt tool rod and the gold ingots are on the bottom of the smeltery and I dont want to use my gold... how do I bring the cobalt under the gold?!?!?!

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I don't think you can... I think you have to use that gold until it runs out and the cobalt comes out the drainery next.

I figured that I had to build several smelters, each for every metal I want, so I wont have this kind of problem.

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Later versions of TC allows you to change the order of molten material by clicking on them in the Smeltery interface to bring the selected one to the top.

I don't know if Hexxit has a version with that feature installed, though. Give it a try. You can always draw off the excess by making ignots or putting them into a seared tank.

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