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Huey The God

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So I have been wanting to play this modpack for a while, and finally decided to! But when I got on to mess around before I start survival, I noticed something - There isn't IC2!

How can't there be IC2? That means there isn't MFE's and MFSU's, solar panels, and just generators in general! How do you store power without MFSU's? Do I have to use redstone energy cells? How can I create a reliable power source that holds without having work on it constantly?

I don't like things like Oil, and this kind of bothers me a bit.

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You might like this guide.

I know there is thermal expansion and all of that, but I don't really want to destroy my world to power my stuff! I don't want to go out and get nonstop lava, coal, or oil like an american businessman :/

A bioreactor might be up your alley in power generation. It runs off biofuel, which is produced from plant materials. And can be fully automated.

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