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How do I extract, sort, and store items?


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Hello everyone. First thing I usually create in Tekkit/FTB is a sorter so I don't have to manually place things in their appropriate chests. I've done elaborate diamond piping systems, item routers, sorting machines, etc. Three questions:

1. What are my options in Tekkit Main for sorting? Are diamond pipes by only option? Would love to see something more elegant.

2. Is a wooden pipe the only way to extract items from a chest? Would love to find something that doesn't require an engine strapped to the side of it.

3. Barrels - is there a comparable item in Tekkit Main? I see the Deep Storage Unit. Anything else?

Thanks All,

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Just watched a video on Applied Energistics and I think I may have answered my own questions. This mod makes me think, Why sort at all? Looks like i can just dump stuff in to the network and take out what i need through searching in a terminal. Nice! Is this correct or am I missing something more obvious?

*more food for the Signature Gnomes*

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option 1: applied energistics. doesn't require much sorting when you can build enough storage to hold vast amounts of stuff. interface is searchable and sortable as well. can use exsisting storage devices to hold stuff, like chests and deep storage units. just needs storage busses to connect with those other storage devices.

otherwise, it is just diamond pipes, chests, and deep storage units.

Deep storage units can hold vast amounts of a single item. Far more then even a barrel with the extra dimensional storage upgrade. They are just as picky about inputting and outputting, but can be adjusted to be far less picky. They also have an interface.

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