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Players are unable to use BC pipes.

Rebirth Gaming

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Can't pinpoint this issue. We are still actively investigating it, but I decided to try to expedite the process by asking for help.

Simply put, players are unable to place BC pipes.

OPs, however, can, which leads us to assume it's a permissions error since those experiencing the issue are in our default user group.

We are using Essentials and Group Manager for permissions.

We tried to OP [buildcraft], but did not work.

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That's sprt of what the issue was. It was indeed NoCheatPlus, but we opped [buildcraft] and still did not work.

We temporarily removed the plugin and it worked. We may keep the plugin removed since it causing more trouble than good on Big Dig, like preventing people from flying with power armor, using knockback with power fist, etc etc. It detects a lot of things that are normal for Big Dig as cheating. I also understand that the plugin can be configured to be more forgiving, but I didn't feel like spending hours testing it, restarting the server, and configuring it. I'll look for a more lightweight plugin to handle simple things, like xray or players using creative when they are not supposed to. (Any recommendations?)

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