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What are all the machines that can place large amounts of blocks?


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Simple question. I'm a little new and I was wondering what are the best machines to place blocks? Fillers don't seem to fill in this tekkit version so I'm going to skip on attempting to use that.

What are the fastest ones? I'm looking for quick and efficient. Something I can use, break down, build again in quick frequencies.

Appreciate the help.

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Did you configure your Filler correctly? With fillers there's what appears to be a crafting grid but it's actually a pattern for what the filler will do. You use brick blocks (the red Mario-esque ones) and glass. Filling all 9 spaces with brick blocks (only 1 per slot is needed) will put the filler into fill mode. A glass block surrounded by brick blocks will cause the filler to build walls instead. Using all glass blocks will make the filler a remover. More accurately it's filling the marked space with air blocks. It can even build stairs and pyramids but I haven't seen much use for that. The other thing to be careful with your markers because they can be a bit glitchy.

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