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Big Noob.. I have tried to find my answer... PLZ Help


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Can someone explain what the difference between [Tekkit], [Tekkit Light] and [Tekkit Classic] are?

I have been searching online only to come up with whats diff. between [Tekkit Light] and [Tekkit Classic] so i understand what differentiates those 2 but i havent been able to come up with much of anything regarding [Tekkit].

Im sorry if this is a stupid question or the answer is out there i did do some searching around but no go..

Thanks in advance!

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From my understanding, and some of the older forum members might correct me, is that it's basically the evolution of the Tekkit modpack over major Minecraft version changes. Tekkit Lite is based on MC 1.4.x and has IC2 which everyone either loved or fantasizes about being in Tekkit. Tekkit is based on MC 1.5.x and included Galacticraft and not IC2. There isn't a Tekkit pack for MC 1.6.x as of yet and we're all waiting patiently.

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Tekkit is the up-to-date modpack with the hottest mods on the market.

Tekkit Lite is for minecraft 1.4.7 without the ForgeBukkit that so many server owners used. It's also the point where minecraft blorbed SSP and SMP together.

Tekkit Classic is for 1.2.5 MC. It's there because some people are afraid of changes and can't let go of redpower and ic2. Nostalgic people, really.

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