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2014 server crash

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Dear people who read this;

In the new year I decided that the progress on my own adventure map (spend about 1 month on it now) is not going too well, that made me think, why not get a Tekkit Lite server for my friends :D. So I backed up the map, deleted ALL files, put the tekkit lite server files in and started up the server. In the console I got these messages after eachother (from bottom to top)

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Server stopped

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Looks like a crash, check the server console. Return value: 255

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Server shut down

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Server executable "/tekkitlite.sh" not found, server startup might fail!

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Tekkit Lite"

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Starting server!

05.01 19:10:16 [Multicraft] Loading server properties

Does someone recognize this crash report? If you do or do not, please leave suggestions and possible fixes down there, thanx already :D

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Thanks, but it is already fixed, a day before I read your post I was like: ''Hmmmm, why not change the .jar file into something funny because you see what jar file is loaded when you enter my server (plugin), I changed both names (FTP and multicraft), which where equal before and then the server was like, its restart time! (just coincidence, scheduled tasks), and then it just started up! Who understands a game these days...

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