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Server Issues.


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Im trying to get a tekkit lite server going. but when i launch the server and try and join the client is running 1.4.7 and the server is running 1.5.2. Any ideas whats going on and how i can resolve this issue? And another quick question about tekkit lite. It has the most content in regards to mods correct?

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For the first problem: Try to download the fresh tekkit lite 0.6.5 file from http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-lite Then upload it via an FTP client, there are TONS of video's of that on YT, so if you have portforwarded or just buy from a hoster, it should be no problem. For the second question, Nope! There are even bigger modpacks, think of FTB unleashed (117 mods!!!) and custom modpacks, :D.

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