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i need help.


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Well, for starters, are you trying to start up a tekkit server, or are you trying to start up a single player instance? I have a lot of experience with the first, but not the second (although I imagine I could probably figure it out if I had to).

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There are numerous guides out there for starting with Linux, but keep in mind, for the most part, Linux is more oriented towards the technically sound. What made you switch over, anyhow?

~got it working~

i uh... was gonna do a duel boot with windows 8, and like aroudn the same time i learned it was a bitch and a half to do, i accidently deleted part of windows 8, bricking my computer.

HOWEVER. i had the boot disk i made for ubuntu sitting right next to me. so i did the only thing i could do since my pc didnt come with a windows boot disk.

that said. my old once dead laptop that i had sitting in a drawer is now full of life and is now my 24/7 minecraft server :D

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