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[0.6.5]No BS Anarchy[PVP][8 Slots]


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~No BS Anarchy~

~Server IP~


~Server Rules~

  • Use common sense.
  • Don't do things that will lag/crash the server.
  • No hacking

    • X-RAY, fake flying, etc.

    [*]Other than that anything goes!

~Mods Removed~

  • Dimensional Doors
  • Mystcraft

    • Note these mods are removed due to the performance issues they can cause. They may be enabled in the future if the server gets a hardware upgrade.

    [*]Chicken Chunks

    • Conflicts with chunk garbage collection of MCPC Plus.
    • Removal of Chicken Chunks has no impact on gameplay.

~Banned Items~

  • None

    • Note that the canvas bag dupe bug has been fixed on this server.
    • Use of broken items that corrupt chunks like the BuildCraft builder and architect table will reward you with a permanent ban.


  • MCPC Plus

    • Not really a plugin, but you get the point. Needed to load bukkit plugins.

    [*]World Border

    • Overworld and nether have a square border with a radius of 10,000 blocks from spawn.

    • The end has a square border with a radius of 2,000 blocks from spawn.
    • All the chunks inside these borders have already been generated to help mitigate lag.
    • World boarder is needed due to performance reasons. We can't have players flying out a million blocks. This can cause lag/crashes. It also makes the world folder very large, making it a huge pain to backup. If server hardware is upgraded in the future this border may be extended or removed entirely


    • Used to set homes and for teleportations.

~Other Info~

  • Hard Difficulty

  • No whitelist
  • 8 player slots
    • 8 player slots for now to see how the server handles itself. This cap may be increased if the server can handle the load, or when server hardware is upgraded.


    As close as possible to 24/7 up-time.


    RIP Cataclysm Survival :"(

If you have any questions, let me know. GL HF!

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