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Pumping misc. liquids? [1.2.2]


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Hi there,

just testing out the new Tekkit beta. So far it's running fine and I'm enjoying all the new stuff :)

Got a question, though: is there any way of pumping out various liquids from surface pools? I remember that some time ago when I was playing Tekkit Lite (last year's spring or summer, can't remember), I wanted to do the same and someone said that "with the upcoming update", the standard BC pump should eventually be able to handle stuff other than water, lava and oil. There have been a number of updates since (both Tekkit and Buildcraft), but my pump is still not working. The setup I used (pump, redstone engine, some liquidproof pipe and a portable tank) was doing fine over a water pool, but when I moved it to a sewage pool I wanted to get rid of, nothing happened. Oh, and I've got a randomly generated Mystcraft desert with large pools of liquid redstone that I can't pump out either (been scooping up the stuff with buckets so far).

Do I need a special setup, or is it simply not supposed to work (..yet)?



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Thank you for the reply. Yeah, I figured out I could manually fill portable tanks shortly after I posted. Better than using only buckets, but still tedious :(

I hope someone comes up with another type of pump or makes the BC pump compatible with the liquid dictionary. With all those different pools now popping up in the world (sewage, sludge, not to mention that it seems Mystcraft worlds can basically have pools of anything), we could really use an automated way to pump them.

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I know a BC pump can move liquified ender. have not tried other liquids yet. Has limited compatability atm it seems. Not sure which mods liquids it will work with and which it will not, yet. other then the BC pump... can't really think of any other pump in Tekkit that can be automated.

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