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[1.0.10]UniversalHexxit [PvP][Eco][Factions]


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IP: hex.zcarl-gaming.com




- Keep Inventory ENABLED

- Factions ENABLED

- Multiple Shops ENABLED


- Good Uptime




- No Hacking

- No Cheating

- No Excessive Swearing

- No Refunds (item lost)

- Report Bugs and Get Rewards


Banneditems (work in progress)


- Dimentional Mod

- Capsule

- Bag

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You server as been given a 'C' rating by a our hexxit review team.

you have a great spawn. but your lacking a lot. the random tp makes it hard to find friends after you leave spawn. that's my biggest complaint. next is, I have to pay to use /f map?

really? that's just bad. you make your server too much to be pay to play.

also, the chat.

the constant chat pops up are annoying. and chat color, makes it hard

to talk to people.?

I give you in these catergories:

Spawn: B

nice build, good style. however, once you leve you random teleport,

making finding friends very hard. you hve to tpa or tpahere a lot

ease of navigation: B

spawn is easy to naviagate. however, the portals to other worlds is hard to find

or see no signs really direct new players to it very well.


constant popups. can get very annoying. chat is grey.hard to see player comments,

very easy to 'VOTE' pops up every few minutes.


unknown what shop plugin you use. however, it is cool.

but, players cant make shops at there own base?

spawn only?

Factions setup: C

cost to setup a faction is a little high.


if you donate, you apper to be able to use things that normal players cant.

making this pay to play? needs more research in this matter.


overall, the server is woth checking out, if they can fix chat. it would greatly improve

server score.

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are you the owner of server? our group reviews servers to see where a good place help the server to grow better. we want to have more servers to enjoy. these are simply annoyances that our team of reviewers found to be turn offs.

if you don't like the review then... ok.. whatever.

this is only our opnion of the server. I personally liked the server when I checked it out, the only thing I found needing improvement was chat.

the other crew reviewing with my found other things, but you can take it or leave it.

take the advice , and attract more people to your server. or leave the advice and attract less.

whatever is your choice.

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hey Kaloy,

we didn't not mean to sound rude in the review. it was not intent. its just something a few of us are doing to help eachother improve and be more of inviteing server.

I cant wait for a crew to review our server. feedback is always welcome.

the group deicded to stay annoynmus. though, someone has to post, so I took the lead in posting.

Im learning myself, I hope that the next reviews wont come across as rude or mean. there not meant to be.

we reveiwd orbitz. we like them too. but, the forum post was closed ..and lacking a lot of info. but there a good server to check out too

rembear, this is just our small groups oppninin. this is not conclusive of the hexxit community as a whole. only our group of growing hexxit lovers.

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hey kaloy,

yes, I run the horizon city server. but a few the people who recently joined our team barely ever come on my server.

most aren't even in my friends list. 2 aren't members of our website either, 1 runs his own server. so everyone is from different places.

we just now going public though. as a means to help eachother out more.The Goal is that server owners (includeing me) that are hosting public servers will take something positive from the feedback and improve there servers.

were just starting to put a standard accorss the board of critriea to review or look for.

each person in our review board as a patcicular thing that give them a strength in there review. one is really good about noticeing chat, and trust.

ive been on his server. that dudes chat is awomse. way better than mine. im still tweaking mine to mimic his, cause it so great.

another is good about noticeing paths. like how easy it easy to navigate.

mainly, I look for is the server post matching up to what they say the offer?

A-Gaming is a prime example. of why we needed to start doing this. the Owner Phoniex (you can read his posts) got really mad cause of the low score.

this was not a byass score. several people went on his server over a 1 week period and spent time on his server. talking to regulars. exploring, seeing how his new reset was coming along...that kinda of thing.

they found issues that they felt the community should know.

for instance, he advertises minigames. but? ..where are they? he dosnt say anywhere in his server post that there coming soon...or under construction.

when we spoke thru his fourm page, you can see him say..or rather imply..that he's not going to add them. there gone.

then, later he says...'if I say im going to do something I do it.' so...he PLANS to add minigames..but there NOT there now.

yet, his post says there useable NOW. that was my only point to him, stop lieing to the community.

and his admins and pmods were apperntly there when our review teams were on, yet, when my team asked questions or wanted help.

...silence. so I gave his staff a low score. and he shot back that there there...busy DOing there job, making sure his 28 rules are followed and banning people

that don't follow. so his staff is unfreidly. or rather. not talkative.

that's no abad thing, but perhaps a person wants aserver with friendly staff and admins?

anyway, were still growing and learning. were not trieng to step on toes. just want to help community make better chocies about what server is right for them.

you seem like a very good person to know. I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas further. we want to be a good review team for the community.

good talking to ya,

I look forward to see your server grow :)

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By the way , What is your shop plugin? Its really cool. I personaly was unfamiler with it.

but the person who talked about the economy told me to give it that score. when I came on, I loved it.

but ive never heard of it. or crew looks for being able to make our own shops at our homes or bases. that's why it was a C+

he wasn't sure you could do that at your own home. he was saying possibly you can only make shops or use shops at spawn?

I don't know, im just relaying info.

either way, I check it out and loved the plugin you were using. sign shop is really good too. but theres minor dupe issues with I understand for the 1.5.2 version.

so we don't use sign shop. we use good ole fashioned chest shop. mainly cause it works with lockette.

theres better shops out there. I think my team gave me a B for shops. cause theres no admin shops, and I have no info saying people can make there own shops,

and I have no 'player mall'

personally, I would not do a player mall, in my experience it causes major lag as your server grows. due to too many people buying and selling in one spot.

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