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Build 390 only runs on Minecraft 1.2.5 ? help!


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So, wheh i first installed the Technic Launcher and started playing minecraft with "tekkit Classic" i found out the minecraft version is 1.2.5. Can someone explain me what i have done wrong? i want it to run on 1.7.4

I installed the Technic Launcher January the 5th 2014. I have been playing on 1.2.5 ever since that day.


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Tekkit Classic is based off Minecraft 1.2.5 (hence "Classic"), since it includes mods which were never updated past that version of Minecraft. There's no way around this, but very little problem with it if you really just want to play it for the mods - their content is generally far superior to Vanilla Minecraft updates, so you're not missing out on much.

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You could scroll the mouse wheel to choose different modpacks. My favourite is Hexxit, which is 1.5.2

Tekkit (main) has been updated to 1.6.4 but is still in beta and need testers.

As for 1.7.4, there is no modpack for that, very few modders have updated to that version and most are just waiting, because mojang has a reputation for releasing versions quickly leaving modders well behind them...

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