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[1.0.7a] Dig For Diamonds [PVP][MyTown][No Whitelist][200 slots]


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Welcome to Dig For Diamonds Attack of the B-Team server post

The FIrst Attack of the B-team server to open up to the public


Homepage: www.digfordiamonds.com

Server IP: bteam.digfordiamonds.com

Teamspeak: digfordiamonds.com

ModPack: Attack of the B-Team

Processor: AMD Opteron 3280 Octacore, 8-Core Processor.


Hard Drive: 2TB SATA

Upload Rate: 100mbps

Uptime: 24/7


I have a focus on my staff to keep them motivated, active and friendly.

i strive to make sure we have the most professionel staff team that don't just rush everyone, but takes their time for every help ticket

Staff team

Owner: Busi

Co-Owner: Roxciena

Admins: BitMage, Lyecer

Moderators: cyberben2000


MyTown - Create a faction, invite your friends and fight off hostile MyTown!

Modreq - Geting help made easy!

Raiding & Griefing is NOT allowed!


No Advertising!

NO Tp spamming!

Be respectfull to all players and staff!

Keep cursing to a limit!

Don't spam!

No hacked Clients!

No spawn killing!


To be added later!


To be added later!


/t or /mytown for Mytown commands more can be found with /t help or /mytown help

Edited by Busi
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Already the server is alive and fun. Once the pack goes public the server will really explode and become another massive, thriving community built by Busi and Roxciena. I look forward to tomorrow; While everyone is recovering from their Superbowl fun we will be playing and having an amazing time on the server. Really hope anyone who sees this post, joins the server. Its a choice you won't forget :]

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I first started playing on the Dig For Diamonds server a little over a year ago when they used the DireWolf 20 pack. I was looking for a server with, you know, good staff, a reasonable owner, and fairly nice people. What I got though was so much more than that. I stepped into an unbelievably friendly and accepting community. The staff were extremely helpful and patient with every question I asked and the owner was thoroughly dedicated with maintaining the server and making sure each and every player was having a good time. Overall, DFD is a beautiful server with 100% of what every minecraft player could ever hope to look for.

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Truly awesome server, and Attack of the B-Team is alot of fun, only started today but seems like a really friendly community. Social, active and helpful! Definitely recommend joining this one if you're new to B-Team and looking for a good server to join. Really sexy up time and almost zero lag (for me anyway! :P)

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First server up early Release - Check

First server updated and up for public - Check

Server is running smooth - Check

People are happy playin on the server - Check

Come, and enjoy your time, trust me, you will hate having missed out on it.

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Fantastic server and staff.

What can i really say? No words could every do justice

to the sentiment i wish to convey.

This amazing server, comprised of a diverse collection of individuals

spanning age groups and nations,

has become an extended family to me.

A home away from home. A place to call my own.

I am gratefull for the companionship of

those that dwell here, to those i am proud

to call friend, peer, compatriot.

I welcome with open arms,

all those whom seek community.

welcome to "Dig for Diamonds"

welcome home.
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all these people saying its a great, server. It seemed that way when I got on.

the admins helped me pretty quick even lots of people joining every second.

right now though, everyone is complaining of lag.

it may be that the allowed amount of players on at 1 time is too high?

or just too many joining at 1 time.?

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